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Bringing trust to the internet via collaborative communities.

A global network of the world's top experts

Verity helps communities identify, reward, and motivate their most valuable users, allowing expert wisdom to govern group decisions and actions.

Why Verity Matters

The Problem with the Internet

  • We don't know who to trust- trolls, scammers, and fake news are rampant.
  • We need one trusted reality – which is self-governed and independent.
  • User data is controlled by only a few large companies

The Verity Solution

  • Communities define their own values.
  • Reputation can be transferred between communities.
  • Communities are decentralized and self-governed.

Verity Resolves the missing piece in Ethereum

  • Ethereum decentralizes code - but the missing piece is all about people!
  • Verity decentralizes human wisdom and allows users and communities to measure, transfer and reward trust


  • Web sites gain faster time to market and access to tools and networks

  • API integrates with standalone web communities and future on-or-off blockchain platforms

  • Plug-and-play API allows for rapid experimentation on reputation metrics.

  • Automatically reward and celebrate your best contributors

  • Proactive community tools to thwart toxic behaviors before they happen

  • Share reputation between apps for easy onboarding and retention.


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  • Matt Goldenberg

    Founder and CEO

  • Doug King

    Co-founder and CTO

  • Eric Johnsohn

    Co-founder and CDO

  • Chris Liu


  • Drew Blount

    Mathematics and Development

  • Michael Hoard